Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mediterranean Europe Vacation

Malta Island - largest among the three islands, constituting the Maltese archipelago and Republic of Malta, is in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, with Italy in south and Libya in north. Covering an area of 246 km² (95 square miles), its highest point of the archipelago, at 253 m, is Ta' Dbiegi on the island of Gozo. With Valletta being the capital, the landscape is beautified by low hills with terraced fields. With a display of seaside villas and vacation homes, Malta vacation rental is perfect for family vacations or romantic journeys.Booking Malta Hotels here!!!

The three Maltese Islands of Malta, Gozo, and Comino are located about 50 miles south of Sicily. Guests at Malta vacation rentals can enjoy swimming, water skiing, fishing, sailing, wind-surfing, jet skiing, and cruising the harbor. The national languages are English and Maltese. The unit of currency is currently the Maltese Lira (Lm), with a central parity rate against the euro of 0.429300.

Malta offers fabulous diving and snorkeling with its warm, clear waters, sheltered bays, shipwrecks, reefs, and colorful marine life. Top diving sites include the underwater caves and boulders at Anchor Bay and the wreck of the WWII Blenheim Bomber. With more than 20 beaches to sunbath on, Malta's most popular beach, Mellieha Bay, features calm, shallow water that is perfect for swimming, or perhaps the less crowded Paradise Bay, featuring clear water and golden sand.

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